Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Something Chewy" is a great MP3 Blog!

I was looking for a few good songs to listen to this afternoon while I was cleaning houe. "Cells" by the Servant had been in my head, along with "Gamemaster" by Lost Tribe, and some other electronic and trance club music. I managed to find a great EP with good versions of Game Master on Amazon, which was worth six bucks for me to just download.

Then I hunted for Cells, and found here for download, on a blog called "Something Chewie". Not only did our web host Steve 'Chewbacca' have the song I wanted to hear,  he also has collection of great music in different styles with interesting commentary about the artists and their music. It's definitely worth checking out.

Download Cells by the Servant

                                    Check out Something Chewy here:

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