Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Download "Like I Said, Yeah, U Rite" by Coco Robicheaux

I was excited tonight, when I realized that I could get Coco on Amazon. Coco Robicheaux is a genuine New Orleans Legend. His music embodies the spirit of the blues that is so rich there, you can taste the sound almost as much as listen to it. I was missing New Orleans, and remembering a performance of him singing a song called 'Home'.

What was super awesome is that even though I don't buy stuff online much, I managed to find it on Amazon and download an MP3 of the album with "Home" on it. You can get the actual album, or download it for instant musical gratification at $8.99. Coco Robicheaux is one of my favorite musicians from NOLA , and sometimes when I get homesick I remember him performing Leonard Cohen's 'Suzanne' and going into this hurricane inspired song of Home. I downloaded it, and I almost feel like I'm sitting in that bar again on a funky Saturday night.

If you haven't heard his music, or you want to find a touch of the real New Orleans flavor, I'd strongly recommend this. Add a mixed drink, dancing, and some good chicken gumbo for maximum effect. ;-)

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